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Invent Boston designs and develops original products to add science + whimsy to  every day tasks at home.   Our first product is a Two Minute timer, Two Minute Turtle, a visual timer. The Two Minute Turtle helps children and adults focus on two minute tasks such as brushing teeth, physical therapy, taking a shower and speaking (practicing a presentation or learning a language).

Teaching Kids How to Pace Yourself

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Invent Boston is designing the Two Minute Turtle Timer to bring whimsy and science to home routines.  The Two Minute Turtle Timer, a spacial and visual timer makes two minute tasks more fun, like toothbrushing, holding poses, waiting, and speaking in meetings.

Teaching Kids How to Pace Yourself

Virginia Berman


The Two Minute Turtle Timer teaches us how to pace ourselves. Do you remember learning how to run the mile in grade school? Many of us sprinted in the beginning and by the end we were staggering to the finish or walking. Learning how to pace oneself comes slowly.

With tasks like toothbrushing, kids think faster is better. They and we are eager to get it done. But like with many things, slow and steady, evenly through the whole mouth is the way to finish

This Two Minute Timer is for visual thinkers. The 4 LEDS are each placed inside the each turtle flipper, corresponding to the quadrants of the mouth. The brusher brushes the part of the mouth corresponding to the blinking flipper-follow the lights and without putting much thought, but like Simon Says, follow, brush until the Victory Lap for the tongue.

So now you can brush:





Screens at bedtime.

expensive toothbrushes.

kids quitting before the minutes is up!