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Invent Boston designs and develops original products to add science + whimsy to  every day tasks at home.   Our first product is a Two Minute timer, Two Minute Turtle, a visual timer. The Two Minute Turtle helps children and adults focus on two minute tasks such as brushing teeth, physical therapy, taking a shower and speaking (practicing a presentation or learning a language).


What Makes the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer so Special?

The two minute turtle timer motivates kids and visual learners of all ages to brush teeth for 2 minutes. Kids press the button, guess which flipper will blink first, then brush the corner of the mouth corresponding to the blinking flipper. Follow the flippers til they’ve brushed evenly, thoroughly, willingly, til the Victory Lap. Kids do not want to quit toothbrushing before a turtle does. For kids with autism and visual thinkers, this toothbrush timer transform bedtime. Kids with the Two Minute Turtle Timer now love brushing their teeth for 2 minutes. This kids toothbrush timer is like a game so more reminders. No more phones in the sink. No privacy issues. No distractions at bedtime. Kids learn to pace themselves for 2 minute tasks and feel good about a job well done, twice a day.

Kids Brush Longer.

Do you know a kid who doesn't want to do things (everything) "all by myself"? Now, a child’s two minute timer makes toothbrushing fun.


Water resistant. Not another screen at bedtime.

"There are apps to time your toothbrushing, but who wants a foam-covered phone in the bathroom sink?", reviewing the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer

-The Gadgeteer


Turn Chores into Cheer.

Kids are motivated to brush their teeth with Two Minute Turtle™ Timer. Kids like to press the turtle button, follow the flipper LEDs til the Victory Lap to brush the tongue. No more battle of wills.