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Invent Boston designs and develops original products to add science + whimsy to  every day tasks at home.   Our first product is a Two Minute timer, Two Minute Turtle, a visual timer. The Two Minute Turtle helps children and adults focus on two minute tasks such as brushing teeth, physical therapy, taking a shower and speaking (practicing a presentation or learning a language).

Two Minute Turtle Timer is Made For a Manual Toothbrush

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Invent Boston designs the Two Minute Turtle Timer.  The Two Minute Turtle Timer, helps make toothbrushing more fun. Focused brushing on the flipper corresponding to the corner of the mouth. It’s a quadrant toothbrush timer and the Two Minute Turtle Timer makes other two minute tasks more fun, like holding poses, transitions, showers, toilet training, and speaking in meetings. Kids with autism appreciate the visual cues.

Two Minute Turtle Timer is Made For a Manual Toothbrush

Virginia Berman

Why use the Two Minute Turtle Timer for your manual toothbrush timer—

Why not use an app timer instead a physical timer?

  1. Less Screen Time.

What parent do you know who wants their 5 year old to get MORE screen time at bedtime? And, in the bathroom no less? Now we have learned that the lights from screens interfere with our circadian rhythms and they interfere with a good nights sleep. It’s also one less worry-about privacy-there’s no downloading without an app.

2. More Independence.

The Two Minute Turtle Timer means kids don’t need to ask for a parent’s permission to use the phone. Kids love to do things all by themselves starting very young. The Two Minute Turtle Timer allows kids to work independently AND SUCCEED.

The Two Minute Turtle Timer fits into a kid’s hands. They have control of their own fun 2 minute timer. The follow the blinking flippers because it’s fun!


3. Made for bathrooms -Water-Resistant

Who needs another phone getting splashed on or falling in the sink? The Two Minute Turtle Timer is water-proof.

How about that sand timer from your dentist?

Have you noticed how long a child actually “brushes” teeth when using a sand timer? These timers just don’t keep most kids’ attention. The sand timers don’t show quadrants. Kids don’t brush evenly. Plus, they tip over and end up lost or in the trash.

Why 4 lights?

Dentists recommend brushing for 2 minutes twice a day, a long time for kids to focus when they’d rather do something else. Kids succeed when brushing with the turtle because it breaks up the 2 minutes into 4 even, separate parts, following 4 flashing, blinking flippers. With the blinking flippers. one per quadrant of the mouth, the lights change color, faster with each light and “the turtle’s practically dancing” until the final Victory Lap— brush the tongue.


By the way, why is it a turtle anyway? The bigger message to the users is an old one—slow and steady wins the race. Pace yourself, like the turtle does.

For habits to really stick for a lifetime, educators know children need two things:

1) To take ownership of the activity.

2) To enjoy it, have fun.

This Two Minute Turtle Timer is the best 2 minute timer for kids using a manual toothbrush. The kids take charge, have fun and know they brushed well all by themselves! With the Two Minute Turtle Timer toothbrushing transforms a daily chore into something kids want to do.


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