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Invent Boston designs and develops original products to add science + whimsy to  every day tasks at home.   Our first product is a Two Minute timer, Two Minute Turtle, a visual timer. The Two Minute Turtle helps children and adults focus on two minute tasks such as brushing teeth, physical therapy, taking a shower and speaking (practicing a presentation or learning a language).

Parents Love this toothbrush timer

Dads, moms, dentists, adults without children love the Two Minute Turtle to help with 2 minute tasks.

The Two Minute Timer makes 2 minute tasks more fun

Two Minute Turtle is a friendly companion and I love him.

Nina Bentley, Grandma, Connecticut


My son uses his 2 Minute Turtle™ Timer every single night.

Anya, mom Stoneham MA

Two Minute Turtle Timer with flippers with  LEDs

…The Two Minute Turtle Timer adds a small bit of joy to my daily routine

Sue D Nym, Amazon review


The Two Minute Turtle Timer goes above and beyond

The Two Minute Turtle™ Timer goes above and beyond a normal timer. Its’ visual and spacial 2 minute timer. I love it!

Beth, Watertown High School, MA Fablab Teacher


The Two Minute Turtle™ surprised me!

I thought it was for my kid. But I use it every day. I don't have to press the button to start each time I brush but I do and it feels good, like I've taken a positive step to a healthier me.

—Dr. Maren B. Roslindale, MA

Two _Minute_Timer_for_meetings

This Product (the Two Minute Turtle Timer) is Genius!

A Rau, Amazon Shopper

This product is genius. We tried so many different things to ensure our kids brush their teeth right and long enough. From apps to special toothbrushes. None of them really helped miuch. The turtle is so simple yet so effective. The kids loved it rigth away (8 year olds). Their teeth already got much better and everbody is happy.
— A Rau, Amazon shopper August 2019
I named him Flashy.
— A young Two Minute Turtle™ timer fan
This is a great little device even if you already know how to brush your teeth! I use it as a timer for my core workouts. Although the total timing is two minutes, each leg blinks for 30 seconds, so you can time up to two minutes in 30 second intervals. It’s great for things like planks, and I find that because it doesn’t have numbers it keeps you in the moment for the duration of the exercise rather than just focusing on the countdown. And it is totally adorable!
— Margaret, Amazon Shopper May 2019
I was given this by a fellow dad at a fatherhood class, he recommended it when I mentioned difficulty with getting my son to brush his teeth. It took a week or two to catch on, but now my son loves it. It’s super durable, been dropped many times with no ill effects.
— Andrew, Amazon Shopper May 2019
Its’ genius! I love this Two Minute Turtle™ Timer!
— Meg, mother at Boston Maker Faire
My children use the 2 minute timer, Two Minute Turtle™ Timer regularly. Now we don’t have to remind them to brush. It’s easier for all of us.
— Andrew, Dad to 10 & 8 year old Roslindale, MA
My kids used multiple 2 minute sand timers—they either broke or we lost them. I googled and found the Two Minute Turtle™ timer. My kids received these 2 minute timers and have used it twice a day ever since.
I definitely recommend the Two Minute Turtle timer to parents.
— Adam L. Frisco TX, father of an infant, 4, 6, 8 year old
I love the Two Minute Turtle™ timer. After a month using it, it exceeded my expectations. My 4 children are brushing better because of the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer!! I’m very pleased with the results.
— Dr. Ian McLaughlin, McLaughlin Family Dentists, W Roxbury MA
We were able to leave the house TEN MINUTES EARLIER because we didn’t have to do the usual brushing teeth battle thanks to the new 2 minute timer, Two Minute Turtle™ Timer!
— Susan, preschool teacher, mother of 6 year old, Boston
Not only does my daughter use the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer, I ALSO brush my teeth alongside her for the full 2 minutes! We adore the color, the weight in the palm, the quadrant signal lights. It’s the 4 signal lights that set this 2 minute timer apart from a 2-minute egg timer. Somehow brushing for 2 minutes using an egg timer seems an eternity, but the adorable Turtle Timer goes rather easily. Then, the colorful victory lap! Great invention. BIG smiles and (many imoji) thumbs up!
— Dr. P, Brookline MA
My daughter, Hazel, is addicted to this 2 minute timer, Two Minute Turtle™ Timer.
— Matt, father of Hazel, age 7 Roslindale MA
The Two Minute Turtle™ Timer is magnificent. It works like a charm. My four year old loves the game of not knowing which teeth come next and it has turned brushing our teeth from something annoying and hard to do thoroughly to fun and easy to do thoroughly
— Erik, V, Boston MA, dad to 4 year old son
The Two Minute Turtle™ Timer transformed toothbrushing for my son. Maybe it’s because he’s competitive and doesn’t want to quit before the Turtle Timer does!”
— Kim N, Jamaica Plain MA mother of 7 year old
My daughter and I love the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer. She brushes the full two minutes and she doesn’t need any reminders now.
— Ashley, Mom, Boston MA
We are loving the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer. My son is super excited to brush his teeth now.
— Lori, Boston mom who struggled to get son to brush teeth
My 3.5 year old daughter uses the Two Minute Turtle Timer and loves it. It really helps her focus on how much time to spend brushing. This two minute timer is a great gadget and I will definitely recommend to friends.
— RB, Cambridge MA dad

Quick video:

This Two Minute Timer helps kids to pace themselves

This new Two Minute Turtle™ Timer makes tooth brushing fun for children (and adults). Each flipper blinks for 30 seconds. Brush the part of the mouth corresponding to the blinking flipper til you've brushed your whole mouth evenly, thoroughly.  Make time play.

I love the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer. It’s the only thing my son uses at night when he brushes his teeth.
— Russ, Father of 4 year old, Roslindale

I love this Two Minute Timer. My son, age 4, has autism and this Two Minute Turtle™ Timer lights keeps him focused!

Kaitlynn, Curious George Store Operations Supervisor Cambridge MA

I forgot to bring my Two Minute Turtle™ Timer to my class today and I felt lost!
— Fiona B, Paris France, English as Second Language teacher
My children love the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer and brush longer now. They use this 2 minute timer every night!
— Joy, preschool teacher & mother of 4 year old, Somerville MA
Two Minute Turtle Timer helps kids' morning routine
Do I think the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer is a good idea? No. It’s an excellent one! Even using an electric toothbrush, this 2 minute toothbrush timer gives kids a helpful visual guide.
— Dr. Patricia Chiu, Bay State Orthodontics Boston MA

The Two Minute Turtle™ Timer is easy. It doesn’t need any sound. This 2 minute timer makes it more fun to brush my teeth!
— Abby, age 8, Roslindale MA

We are all enjoying the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer! Our 8 year old uses it to brush teeth each evening and then I do a check. She sticks with it, follows the light prompts, and loves that this 2 minute timer is a turtle.
— Amy, mother of 8 year old, Roslindale MA
I bought 2 Two Minute Turtle™ Timers. Then I went back to the store right away to buy 2 more. I brush longer. I can be the model for my kids now. I need this 2 minute timer, Two Minute Turtle™—I hope you never go out of business!
— Steve Z, father of 4 Roslindale MA
Actually i love it (the Two Minute Turtle™ Timer) and i use this 2 minute timer every day ...and what i really love about the Two Minute Turtle™ is it’s subtle .... ie: i cannot manage to “go the distance“ but it has totally increased the time i brush my teeth three fold .... the fact is in “turtle time “i can brush my hair and my teeth take a vitamin and put on makeup ... (all in turtle time). he is a friendly companion and i love him
— Nina Bentley, Westport CT

The Two Minute Turtle™ Timer is a Time-Out Timer

Make Time-outs constructive